Robert J. Austin Jr., is a producer, songwriter and creator of Urban AID USA – World AID Global AMERICA™©

Our Mission

In times of peril, we can reignite our country’s camaraderie by coming together in song and resonate like an angelic host singing a renewed voice of We Are the World, We Are the Children, We Are that multi-hued songstresses that Color the Bright of  Day – Together, We Are the LoveSong of America for the World directed in Gracenote with the songs of the angels – that intone forever among the Celestial Spheres, reverberating – the virtue of kindness, respect, civility and compassion but above all virtuosity – Sings Love! 

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Robert J. Austin

He founded the organization because he had a heart for music and a love for humanity. The LoveSongs of America for the World music suite, is a countervailing trump-card to inspire dedication and determination, to never give up our hope of our emancipation from degradation and poverty of racism, originally described and proposed as a new and improved verse of  “We Shall Overcome” and become the contemporary new “song track-sound track” to the 2020 reawaken Civil Rights movement. 


The origins of this moral pride bolstering, humanitarian aid, songwriting, concert and video, infrastructure, urban beautification, economic growth development endeavor started a long time ago.  


The project originated with the late great Beatle, John Lennon of Liverpool, England – New York City, New York, and three “mountainous members” of the most accomplished “Motown” singing quartet on earth – famed, former Temptations, the flamboyant, ever so sweet and bluesy stylist,  trademark voice of the Temps, the late Eddie James Kendricks of Birmingham, Alabama. – Detroit, Michigan.; the founder and smooth, slick choreographer of the Temp the late Paul Williams of Birmingham, Alabama- Detroit, Michigan; and the soul, fire and brimstone ephod of the divination rod of the anatomy of a hit recording’s most outstanding and foremost necessary  ingredient the stylized vocalization of  the meaning of  “I got the blues but I got Black is Beautiful Soul compounded on top of great Migration North Cool & Swagger, exhibited post cotton field pain and sorrow, the unrivaled & unmatched,  “ I got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day – Let It RainAin’t Too proud to Beg” inspiring voice of grit, of the Tall Temps, the late David Ruffin of Whynot, Mississippi – Detroit, Michigan. 


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